Teresa Racovalis


Teresa is the Chief Product Officer of Law Compliance, leading innovation, transformation, and strategic growth of the business.


Teresa joined the firm in 2010 and has played a pivotal role in driving the evolution of its legislative compliance business.

Over the years Teresa has acquired an invaluable understanding of the inner mechanisms of the business. This encompasses aspects such as the workforce and corporate culture, diverse clientele, growing array of products, and the advancing infrastructure. With her experience spanning various roles within the business, she occupies a distinct vantage point. This perspective enables her to grasp the business requirements and adeptly modify procedures for optimal team efficiency, elevated client satisfaction, and sustained client retention rates.

Teresa works closely with our Head of Technology and IT development team to create and implement our product development strategy and ensure all system enhancements are developed as designed and fit for purpose.

Teresa also works alongside our Head of Client Services and Client Relationship Management team to develop and nurture client insights and feedback loops to ensure our products remain aligned with their needs and expectations.

Teresa’s role also extends to the design and implementation of internal training programs that empower our teams to effectively communicate and support our products.

Alongside our Head of Strategy and Third-Party Relationships, Teresa leads internal transformation projects aimed at enhancing operational efficiency. Collaboratively, they also engage in pinpointing strategic partnerships and forging alliances to bolster the business’s endeavours.

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