Happy 20th Anniversary Health Legal!

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Health Legal is 20 years old this month!

A message from our CEO

We are really proud and excited to celebrate our 20th anniversary this month.

From the beginning we have been supported by our clients and team and for this I am extremely grateful.

When the VHIA first approached me to lead this firm in 2003 I could not possibly have imagined what we would achieve and what the firm would look like 20 years later.  A special thanks goes to the VHIA for their initial vision, and support.

In 2003 we shared a vision to establish a firm which would meet the needs of the health sector in a cost effective way.  More than 10,000 files later we have fulfilled this promise (in my – sometimes not so – humble opinion).

Over the last 2 decades it has been my pleasure to work with Victorian, interstate and international organisations who have entrusted us to provide solutions to some of the most complex and significant challenges facing them.  We are not in the habit of heavy self-promotion but we have been there, most often, in the background, creating a path through the legal quagmire.

To our clients – thank you.  We do not take our relationships for granted and we will continue to do our best for you.

Lastly, to my team – past and present – thank you.  I  feel incredibly fortunate to know you all and to have worked with you.  I am proud of what we continue to achieve and how we truly live our values.

– Natalie Franks, CEO and Legal Counsel

How Health Legal can help:

For further information please contact the Health Legal and Law Compliance team via our contact page here.